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The Shiva Lingam is one of the most sacred formations in the world. Natural Shiva lingams come only from the Narmada River in India, are polished and elliptically shaped as the result of natural river tumbling.  In Hinduism, Shiva Lingam is the holy symbol of Lord Shiva that is considered quite sacred and worshipped with devotion by the devotees. 

These river stones represent divinity and have traditionally been used for rituals, in temples, and on altars. Lingam’s grounding vibrations allow one to connect with opportunities that come flowing, and sometimes tumbling, onto our path.

Lingam stones with their banded markings remind us of time management accountability. Lingam Stones offer the opportunity to pause, appreciate and if necessary, evaluate how we spend the precious energetic resource of our time and attention.

Lingams are energy generators of balance, of Soul consciousness, and healing. They are impregnated with spiritual light which resonates with the Heart Chakra; thus, they release dark blockages so that self-acceptance, self-worth, happiness, contentment, unconditional Love, and compassion can flow.

Lingam is a wonderful crystal tool for restoring balance and overall general well-being. Lingam may be used to balance the fluids of the body, seek relief from back pain, and help with spinal alignment. Lingam may also be used for reproductive health, menopausal symptoms, fertility issues, and for prostrate health.

Lingam stones are wonderful crystal tools to be used in rituals for honouring the sacredness in life. These stones are used in worship and honoring Lord Shiva.  They are also used to represent the infinite Universe and to bring a sense of place and acceptance of one's place in it.  If you are seeking to feel connected to both the earth and to the infinite Universe of which we are all a part, try using a Shiva Lingam in your meditation rites.

Lingam stones are also referred to as Banalinga, Banashivalingas, and Shiva Lingam. Some speculate Lingam stones are originally from the crash site debris field of a meteorite approximately 14 million years ago.

AFFIRMATION: "I tear down my obstacles. I release all things from the past that has caused negative attachment. I prepare and welcome new changes and lessons. Lead me to self-realization, and merge me with grace into your Divine Light". [Source: Unknown]

According to Hindhu tradition honouring Lord Shiva should be done every Monday early in the morning.

WEIGHT: 8-15 grams


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