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German chamomile is a member of the aster and sunflower family, a favourite herb for centuries. Chamomile is probably best known as a tea to calm an upset stomach or to help with sleep. It is often used in teas and topical products formulated for the hair and skin. German chamomile is also used to treat irritation from chest colds, slow-healing wounds, abscesses, gum inflammation and skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, chickenpox, and diaper rash. For these conditions, use chamomile in an infusion or bath, or as a tincture.

Chamomile was used as an incense in ancient Rome, and to ease fevers in ancient Egypt. It was one of the nine sacred herbs in Anglo-Saxon traditional Witchcraft, and is still recognized as such by modern followers of that tradition.

Chamberlain, Lisa. Wicca Herbal Magic: A Beginner’s Guide to Practicing Wiccan Herbal Magic, with Simple Herb Spells (p. 42). Chamberlain Publications (Wicca Shorts). 

Sold in quantities of 10 grams

  • Botanical Name:  Urtica dioica
  • Organic Status:  Certified Organic
  • Country of Origin:  Poland/Bulgaria
  • Plant Part:  Leaf

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